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Fresh out of the dirty south...NEW ORLEANS, LA. to be exact, comes a new but well-seasoned MC to the world of rap- LERICQ!

LERICQ is a true lyricist who combines an out-of-this-world rhyme style with gritty street tales of life growing up in the wicked wards of NEW ORLEANS- so vivid that listeners would swear that they lived it themselves. Being recognized for his talent with rhymes, LERICQ landed himself a recording contract at the tender age of 15 with a local New Orleans label. It was a short-lived success but hard work was all too familiar to LERICQ so he quickly took to the underground circuit to begin making a name for himself. After a few months the hard work paid off again landing him a record deal with another local label. LERICQ was featured on a couple of albums and was already making a huge impact when the label folded. He took back to the streets now with more connections and knowledge. He started to build his own empire appearing on albums, videos, performing in shows and even ghostwriting for hip hop artists and singers alike. LERICQ  has an impressive resume having worked with big names like MASTER P, P DIDDY, NAS, T. I., CASH MONEY, LIL BOOSIE, KRAZY, and even the late SOULJA SLIM just to name a few. He even lent a helping hand to NEW ORLEANS own LIL WAYNE.

Now this underground sensation is ready to bring his self-proclaimed style of ghetto hip hop to the world with his debut album entitled For The Streets.  Reminiscent of ERIC B and RAKIM'S method of 1DJ 1 MC, LERICQ along with ceo/producer THOMAS GRANT (aka T Dizzle 80) has created a style of hip hop that's sure to please listeners for years to come.